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The human connection is what this is all about. It's the reason why would do this in the first place. Sometimes, it's easy to forget we're all human beings, in general. But this particularly is the case when it comes to wedding vendors. Yes, we will provide a service, and yes, we will deliver. But we also are going to connect with you. We are being invited in on one of the most precious, sacred moments of your life. We will share a bond that will last forever, because we will have experienced these moments together.


We want to know you. Truly know you. And not because it makes our deliverables better, (though it does), but because we really simply love people. We don't know what all of this is for, if not for human connection and love.


We love meeting you face to  face or through FaceTime to simply get to know you. Establishing a relationship of trust is so beneficial for us both. 

We are human beings too. Which means you can be your fully human self without trying to be something you aren't in front of us. We're all in this together. We just happen to have cameras.

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