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It's hard to say how or when this gig officially started for us. It has felt inevitable since the moment we met. So many moments and decisions lead us here, including but not limited to having two children while in college, the influence of architecture school, discovering new passions, honing old ones, and encouraging and helping each other along the way.

We are best best friends. We always have been and always will be. This job has given us a unique situation that allows us to work together, which means we see A LOT of each other. We wouldn't want it any other way. We somehow never run out of things to say, ways to make each other laugh, new adventures to go on, or endeavors to begin.

hi, we're human beings


AKA Molly and Richie Quick, the faces behind the cameras. Richie with the videos, Molly with the photos.

shot by Rachel Joy Monet Photography

That being said, we also know that marriage is more than pretty flowers and love songs. It's hard work. Intention is essential. Like we said, we're human beings too, which means we are flawed, messy, and get frustrated with each other. But we know that we better each other, and that's what it's all about. We can document love because we understand it firsthand, in all of its depth and all of the ways it manifests beyond pretty decor. 

The benefits of a healthy relationship with each other is obvious in our personal lives, but it is also essential for the way we document. We are so in sync when we shoot together that oftentimes words aren't spoken. Simple looks give each other direction, and we can swiftly dance around each other to get the shots needed. We can also bluntly tell each other "hey, you're in my way" with 0 hurt feelings. We will always work best together, because our level of comfort with each other is unmatched. 

When we aren't shooting weddings, we love being with our babies, drinking coffee, playing outside, painting, designing things, and going on adventures with our favorite people.

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